The Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI), Singapore was established in July 1969 in accordance with the Company Act of Singapore.


1) To promote economic exchanges between Japan and Singapore
2) To contribute to the development of Japanese companies in Singapore
3) To foster exchanges and fellowship among members

Organizational Structure:

– 36 Councilors (including 1 President and 6 Vice-Presidents)

– 1 Auditor, 3 Consultants


Main Activities: – 

  1. 8 Sub-Committees

JCCI Singapore members are categorized into 8 Sub-Committees for engagement in activities such as: –

  • Seminars (i.e. Business Management in Singapore, National Projects & others)
  • Dialogues with Singapore government officials
  • Networking sessions with local & foreign economic organizations in Singapore
  • Visits to Factories and Industrial Parks
  • Friendly Golf Competition


The 8 Sub-Committees are: –
1. First Manufacturers Sub-Committee
– Machinery (Transportation Machine & Equipment, Precision Equipment and Production Machines) Metal Engineering (including Production and Sales Facilities)
2. Second Manufacturers Sub-Committee
– Fiber, Chemical, Foodstuff Glass, Rubber, Cement, Petroleum, Printing, Paper, Paints, others (including Production and Sales Facilities)
3. Third Manufacturers Sub-Committee
– Electric, Machine & Apparatus (including Production and Sales Facilities)
4. Trading and Transportation Sub-Committee
– General Trading House, Traders for Specific Materials and Products, Marine/Air Transportation, Inland Transportation, Warehouse, others
5. Finance and Insurance Sub-committee
– Banks, Insurance, Securities, Leasing, others
6. Construction and Real Estate Sub-Committee
– General Construction; Construction-related, Design, Real Estates, others
7. Corporate Services and IT Sub-Committee
–Telecommunications, IT, Law Firms, Audit Firms, Consultants, others
8. Consumer Services Sub-committee
– Employment Agency, Media, Hotel, Retailing, Restaurants Tourism, Public Agency, others


  1. Special Committees

The following Special Committees have been set up for the purpose of gathering important data and information for the benefit of the Chamber’s members. These special committees include: –

  1. Member Services Committee
  2. Planning & Organization Enhancement Committee
  3. Singapore Economic Policy Study Committee
  4. Public Relations Committee
  5. Wages and Benefit Survey Committee


  1. Bridge between Japanese business community and Singapore Government

The Chamber represents Japanese business community as a whole to voice out the members’ opinions and suggestions to the Singapore government in order to have a better business environment.

Representatives from the Chamber sit in the committees of organizations like Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and the National Wages Council (NWC) for the purpose of exchanging valuable views and sharing opinions.


  1. Overseas Mission

Observational visits to various overseas industrial estates/developments has become one of major activities of JCCI Singapore.


  1. Survey on Wages and Benefits

Every year, the Chamber conducts the Survey on Wages and Benefits with the support of its members. Survey forms are distributed to its members and are later collected for compilation by the Wages and Benefit Survey Committee. The compiled results are published for sale to members and public.

Main highlights:

– Wage Increment (according to Sub-Committee)

– Bonus (according to Sub-Committee)

– Salary (according to Types of Occupation)


  1. Provision of information on Business Management and Economic-related Matters

Organize Monthly Seminar regarding several business issues according to the requests by members.Provide consultation on Business Management to members facing problems in the areas such as labour management and business policies in Singapore.


  1. Charity activities through JCCI Singapore Foundation

JCCI Singapore Foundation was established in May 1990. The objective is to support the development of arts, culture, sports and education in Singapore. The Foundation raises its funds annually with donations by member companies. Please here for more information about the Foundation.