Notice of May Lecture Member Lecture “Recent Indonesian Legal Topic”

2018 years 4 May 12 days

Dear Members

Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Vice President / Membership Service Chairperson Hiroyuki Nishida


Information for members’ lecture meeting in May

“Recent Indonesian legal topics”


Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued cooperation.

Well, at JCCI , from Kartini Mulyadi law firm, Market

We invite Mr. Shigeki Yanagida to hold a lecture meeting with the subject of the title

Let me do it.

This time, the BKPM Decree on Investment Procedures Revision , Finance Ministerial Ordinance on Investment Tax Reduction, New Alien

Worker Employment Rules, Post-Customs Inspection, Revision of Used Capital Goods Import Regulations, Singapore

I am sure that you are also interested in Japanese companies.

Because it will be a valuable opportunity, I would like to inform you that we would like you to participate.

Best regards




Day at the time: 2018 years 5 May 24 (Thursday) 14 : 30 – 16 : 00 (Doors open at 14 : 00 )


Place: Japanese Association 2nd Floor, Ballroom

( 120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899 Tel: 6468-0066 )


Theme: “Recent Indonesian legal topics”


Lecturer: Kartini Mulyadi law firm

Marketing advisor Shigeki Yanagida



1. BKPM Ordinance  on Investment Procedure Revision

2. Finance ministerial order on investment tax reduction

3. Employment Rules for New Alien Workers

4. Online and taxi restrictions

5. Cash transaction limit

6. Act on protection of overseas workers

7. Minister of Commerce using domestic shipping companies / insurance companies to import / export specified goods

8. Personal Handheld Luggage Duty Frame

9. Inspection after customs clearance

10. Revision of imported second-hand capital goods provision

11. Finance ministerial ordinance on tax-related data and information transmission

12.  Minister of Industry Ministerial Order on SNI Obligation Monitoring Procedures

13. Other (National Housing Act, Amendment to Antitrust Law etc)

(Some content may be changed.)


Language: Japanese


Capacity : 100 people (We will close as soon as the capacity becomes available.)


Participation fee: <Member> Free <Nonmember> One person S $ 50 (Payment is made on the day of cash)


Application method: Please register from the following URL . «Deadline ( 5 May 17 (Thursday))»

Https:// )

※ If you can not register online, please fill in the application form in the bottom and reply.

* Participation by one company company is also welcome.

※ We will receive your business card at the reception desk.

* Personal information you filled in will be used for the administration and management of this seminar.

that’s all


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We will apply for participation in “Latest Indonesia Legal Topic” in May .


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We appreciate your cooperation.

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