Lecture held by the Transport Communication Committee “Recent Trends in Submarine Line and Optical Fiber System Technology”

    201 8 years May 11 days

                         Director / Transportation · Communications Department Chairman Takeshi Kato

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         Guide of lecture sponsored by Transport Communication Group

    ”The latest trend of submarine line and optical fiber system technology

        ~ Until the image over the sea reaches work or home ~ “


Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued cooperation.

 Well, at this time JCCI NTT Communications Corporation, Fujikura Co., Ltd.

We invite more lecturers, the latest trends in submarine and fiber optic system technology and possible business

I got a lecture on gender.

 In the summer of 2020 the Olympic games for the first time in 56 years will be held in Tokyo. Everyone living in Singapore

In addition, TV, as well as PC , competing athletes honored by athletes from all over the world, including Japan

You will be cheered through various devices such as smartphones and smartphones. These hot pictures are

Will it be reported from Japan to Singapore in Part , ” Japan and Singapore

This is how it is connected – the mechanism and actions of the submarine line “, lecture ___ ___ 0

 5G Internet of Things IoT ), 4K 8K television, connected car etc, new technology, new sir

The importance of fiber optic networks as information communication infrastructure will be increased worldwide for the introduction of screws

In recent years, demand for optical fiber has increased exponentially. Through this enormous optical fiber network

In order to build a dedicated, we have built a super multi-core optical key that houses thousands of fibers in one cable

Bull’s demand is rising, and innovative optical cable technology from Japan is not only in Japan but also in the world

It is spreading. In the second part, ” Optical Fiber System Technology in the Hyper Scale Era

Of the latest trends entitled “, in this lecture, the latest trends in the optical fiber cable system technology

Let me introduce it. For those who do not have much knowledge about this industry and field, it is easy to understand

Please explain.

 Because it will be a very valuable opportunity, by all means, after joining you, we will be pleased to participate

We will inform you. We also welcome applications for more than one company.

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Place: Japanese Association 2nd Floor Ballroom

     ( 120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899 Tel: 6468-0066 )


Language: Japanese


Theme : 

【Part 】 ( 30 minutes)

“Japan and Singapore are connected in this way – mechanism and function of submarine line”

 Lecturer: NTT Communications Corporation 

Mr. Yoshio Sato,     General Manager, Service Infrastructure Department


【Part 】 ( 30 minutes)

“The latest trend of optical fiber system technology in the hyper-scale era”

 Lecturer: Fujikura Energy Information and Telecommunications Company 

Mr. Naoki      Okada, Director of Optical Cable Systems Division


【Q & A】 ( 15 minutes)


【Business card exchange】 ( 15 minutes) After business card exchange, dissolution of flow


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