Information on Tourism · Distribution · Service Group “Welcome Party for Newly-Enrolled and New Entrants”

May 14, 2018

To Tourism · Distribution · Service Division Members

Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Satoshi Ishii, President of Tourism · Distribution · Service Department

Guidance for welcoming party for newly appointed new enterprise

Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued cooperation.

At the sightseeing, distribution and service group, in order to promote exchange between newly-appointed and newly-joining members and old members,

This year, we have hosted a welcome party.

This group has the largest number of members in the eight subcommittees within JCCI and currently has 828 members (including 91 individual members)

Of this group, the number of members of this group is 235 (including 72 individual members).

Participate especially for those newly becoming members and make a chance to expand the network

I would be pleased if you do.

The greatest purpose of this social gathering is to provide opportunities for members to deepen exchange and exchange information,

Not limited to newly appointed members and members of new membership members, if members of this group are involved in the activities of the committee for a long time

Those who did not have the opportunity, those who regularly participate, please feel free to join us.

I sincerely look forward to your participation so that many people can participate.


Date and time: Friday, June 8, 2018, 19: 00-21: 00

If plants: Fraser Place Robertson Walk 3F “The Hub” dining room

11 Unity Street, Singapore 237995 TEL 6736 4800

* Enter from the entrance of West Wing next to Wine Connection, go through the lobby,

Please rise to the third floor by elevator.

* The nearest station will be Fort Canning MRT Station. It is about 7 minutes on foot from A exit.

* A free shuttle bus is also available. There are multiple routes,

Gateway, Raffles Quy, Fuji Zerox Tower, International Plaza, PIL Building, OCBC Center,

South Canal Road, Fusionopolis, The Metropolis, Orchard Gateway, Ngee Ann City, Orchard Plaza,

The Atrium Orchard, Suntec City Tower 2, Bugis Junction, Raffles City,

Since pickups are possible at 18 o’clock at each point of, please use it.

Detailed timetable will be sent to those who applied.

Vs.  elephant: tourism, distribution and service Group unit member

(For corporate members, up to 4 participants per company can participate.

Individual members will be the members only. )

Participation fee: S $ 50 per person (GST · Service charge included, including food and drinks)

※ Please pay at check-in on the day, please bring cash or check, in form without fishing.

In exchange for payment, we will give you a Paid stamped invoice.

Constant employees: 60 people (as soon as it becomes capacity, it will be closed.)

Application method: Fill in the bottom column and send it to the secretariat (Goto) by June 1, 2018 (Fri)

Email:  Please apply to [email protected] .

※ reply of the participants accepted 5 May 30 days from the (water), will be sent sequentially.

I am sorry to have kept you waiting, thank you for your understanding, thank you.


· We will subsidize partly from subsidy fee.

· Dishes will be served in buffet format. Basically it will be standing up, but some chairs and tables

We are also preparing.

· Alcohol is preparing beer · red and white wine, but if you have any other alcohol you want to drink,

Please bring in as you please.

· For those newly appointed from June 2017 to June 2018, and those who have joined the company,

One word You greet in front of everyone.

· For cancellation after 4th June (Monday), we will charge a cancellation fee of S $ 50 at a later date

There is a possibility of receiving, please be careful.

that’s all

【In charge】 Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretariat (Goto)

10 Shenton Way, # 12-04 / 05 MAS Building, Singapore 079117

Tel: 6221-0541 Fax: 6225-6197 E-mail: [email protected]

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[Please apply by June 1, 2018 (Friday)]

TO: JCCI ATTN: Goto (Ms) E-Mail: < [email protected] >

Hosted by Tourism · Distribution · Service Group “Welcome Party for Newly-Added and New Members”

(Friday, June 8, 2018 held) to apply for participation.

■ Company Name:


■ Title:

■ Name: Mr / Ms (First Name): (Surname):

■ E-mail address:

■ Are you newly appointed (June 2017 – arrived in June, 2018)? : Yes / No

No. 2

■ Title:

■ Name: Mr / Ms (First Name): (Surname):

■ E-mail address:

■ Are you newly appointed (June 2017 – arrived in June, 2018)? : Yes / No

No. 3

■ Title:

■ Name: Mr / Ms (First Name): (Surname):

■ E-mail address:

■ Are you newly appointed (June 2017 – arrived in June, 2018)? : Yes / No

No. 4

■ Title:

■ Name: Mr / Ms (First Name): (Surname):

■ E-mail address:

■ Are you newly appointed (June 2017 – arrived in June, 2018)? : Yes / No

(Excuse me, please fill in all in English.)

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