First Industrial Committee (Wednesday, May 30, 2018 (Wednesday)) Information on golfing and dinner party

2018 4 years May 30 days

1st Industrial Committee

Dear Members Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Yoichi Furuta, Chairman of the Board / First Industrial Dept.

1st Industrial Committee

Information on golfing and dinner party


Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued cooperation.

Well, at the 1st Industrial Committee this time , at the Sentosa Golf Club (SGC ), the golfing golf as follows

We will hold it. After gathering, a dinner social gathering party will be held. It will be held on weekdays, schedule

I think that there are also people who are difficult to adjust Joule, but after participating in all of you, join us

Please give me.

Of course, those who only participate in the dinner social gathering party or those who participate for the first time are very welcome, so please do not hesitate to contact us

We are waiting for the inclusion from the bottom of my heart.

Best regards



1. Date:    2018 5 years on May 30 (Wednesday) 1St Tee start 12:31 – (every 8 minutes)



2. Location:   Sentosa Golf Club, The Serapong Course 

            27 Bukit Manis Road, Singapore 099892


3 . Secretary: Mr.   Hamasaki ( Singapore Takada Industries Pte Ltd)

Nakajima ( Japan Marine United Singapore Pte Ltd)


4 . Subject: JCCI No. 1 Industry Department members only


5 . Formed績発tables and social gatherings: After the play finished, golf stadium also serves as a dinner 1 floor

We will have a social gathering at “Serapong 2 “.


6 . Capacity: 16 people ( 4 pairs)


7 . Participation Fee:    We will charge you at a later date, so payment on the day (other than half way house) will be unnecessary.

(Includes lunch fee, play fee, dinner fee, drink fee, prize fee included.

We will bear part of the          expenses from the subcommittee . )


8 . Application:   Please fill in the bottom column and send it to the secretariat Wendy by Monday , May 14

Please apply to us.
9 . Others:    We will send details of the combination etc. to participants at a later date.   When detailed guidance does not arrive by hand until May 28 (Monday), sorry to trouble you,
Please contact the secretariat (Wendy) as soon as possible.


that’s all

【In charge】 Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretariat (Wendy) 10 Shenton Way, # 12-04 MAS Building, Singapore 079117 Phone: 6221-0541 FAX: 6225-6197 E-mail:  [email protected] = =========================================================== ==================


If you wish to participate, fill in the application form below,

Please send it to the following e-mail address by Monday, May 14th .


→ [email protected]  


Please do not reply to [email protected] . 


Application form


■ Company Name :



■ Name : (First Name Surname )



■ Email ( important ) :
■ Mobile phone number ( important ) :



■ Is this your first participation? :         Yes     /   No


Are you a member of Sentosa Golf Club ? :        Yes   /   No
◆ YES , membership number:



■ Official handicap (only for those who participated this time):


(Excuse me, please fill in all in English.)
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